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Meals on Wheels

Regular, Inexpensive, Quality Nutrition, on Wheels, on Time


Meals on Wheels is a community-based service operated by volunteers who dedicate their time preparing and delivering quality three course meals for those who otherwise may not receive the nutrition they need or even a proper meal.

Meals on Wheels prolongs the ability for its clientele to continue to live comfortably in their own homes

NAC’s Meals on Wheels Co-ordinator, Margaret Carl, has devoted over 15 years to providing the service.Margaret is zealous in the quest for new and exciting recipes.  She searches the internet and old recipe books for ideas and is not afraid to experiment to find something new to add variety without compromise on quality.  Where ever she gets her ideas, the end result is food that comes from the heart.

Meals are delivered each day to clients homes in hygienic disposable containers.

A full meal contains:

Cold soup ready to heat;
Hot main course;
Dessert and juice.


Special dietary requirements are catered on request and we can cater for every reasonable need.Services are available to all eligible clients, including those in groups with special cultural, linguistic, physical or intellectual needs.

You can order meals for as many days of the week as you wish.

Payment for all meals are made weekly in advance and collected each Monday or you can organise a direct debit.

Meals are not delivered on weekends or public holidays.  Extra frozen meals can be ordered to provide for these days.

Clients must be home to receive their meals otherwise we are prevented by state law from leaving a meal.

Cost of Meals

Single Meals $  8.50 (CHSP)

$ 11.00 (private)

Full Week Supply (7 meals) $55.00 (CHSP)

$70.00 (private)