(07) 3266 4500

Community Visitors Scheme (CVS)

NACsupport is home to a traditional, in-person CVS from which volunteers are matched up with residents in aged care facilities and a digital CVS, where people visit people in remote and regional areas via teleconferencing. At present we make 40 in-person visits and approximately 300 tele-visits per fortnight.

Sometimes the volunteer visitor is the resident’s only visitor. Volunteers can choose the day they would like to visit a resident. Many volunteers have made special friendships with the residents.

If you live in the Northern Brisbane or Caboolture area and have an hour to spare once a fortnight to visit in person, please phone: Gwen (CVS Co-ordinator) 3266 4500. If you would like to volunteer for the Digital Visitors Service, regardless of your location, please call Lynda (DCVS Co-ordinator) (07)3266 4500.

For more detailed information about the Digital Visitors Service visit nactech.org.

This is the story of Val, a Community Visitor at Zion Home:

“I supervise the Scrabble Group on Monday afternoons. There are only three who come to the group, and they are full of enthusiasm. We socialize and chat before and after but once the draw for first to start takes place, it’s eyes down and no concessions made. It’s good for the resident’s focus and concentration and they enjoy it very much. I enjoy this time with the residents and I often play to make up a three or four hand.”